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Delivery receipts. Track your SMS messages and understand delivery status in real-time through our visual reporting. Start messaging for free. Measure the success of your send by accessing your delivery receipts (DRs) to determine how many of your messages arrived successfully. Nov 12,  · How to Get iPhone SMS Delivery Report. SMSConfirmation is a Cydia tweak for jailbroken iPhones that brings the much needed iPhone SMS delivery report to the stock Message app. Normally, all the other mobile operating systems do provide the option of whether you want to get the delivery notification. Feb 06,  · A very simple yet missing function of any iPhone model, is SMS delivery reports. Of course there is iMessage – it does have delivery reports. There is also WhatsApp (you really should be using this great app) supporting the same feature, or Viber. But you still need to know whether your plain old SMS messages have reached their destination! Sms delivery receipt cydia-Oct 24,  · When you send an SMS message, iPhoneDelivery picks up on the AT+CMGS command used to send the SMS, and it replaces the bit 5 in the second byte of the SMS message to request from your service provider that it should send you a delivery report once the SMS message has been received by the recipient. (Regarding long SMS, since they are basically. Task 3: Send an SMS message using the API (with DLR enabled in the request). Task 4: Validate Delivery Receipts are being delivered to your webhook. Upon sending an SMS message, and receiving it on a cellphone, you should expect to see your webhook receive one request per segment which that SMS was split into. To disable it you have to completely uninstall the Cydia tweak. Still, if you're often losing texts and having to go back and re-send them, it's very useful. Get SMS Delivery Confirmations on. A new package called iPhoneDelivery is avaliable in Cydia. It is a little hack to enable delivery notification for SMS. In other words, we can now see a new . Unfortunately, the is still far from the complete package, and if I were to ask you which features are still lacking, I reckon we could compile a pretty extensive list. One feature, which has been offered by phones dating back to the monochrome Nokias, is some form of delivery receipt.How to Jailbreak Your iPhone: The Always Up-to-Date Guide [iOS 9] SMSConfirmation: Get Push Notifications For SMS Delivery Report On. Get Push Notifications For SMS Delivery Report On iPhone With SMSConfirmation [Cydia Tweak]. Ben Reid. With thousands of tweaks available. This nifty jailbreak tweak allows you to send read receipts in iOS 10 will not be delivered the read receipt unless you have sent a reply or started typing it. jailbreak tweak that borrows you some time before you're set to text. You can send text messages to other iOS users through iMessage, which includes a delivery status and read receipt feature. Enabling these features on your. › get-push-notifications-for-sms-delivery-report-on. - if you are looking

sms delivery receipt cydia-

Use sms delivery receipt cydia-

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