Playing around in ninja town

Playing around in ninja townBuy Ninjatown by Southpeak Games for Nintendo DS at GameStop. want to stick around because you may have to play certain levels multiple times to get the​. Need to kill some time on your DS? Try Ninja Town. An adorable tower-defense style strategy game. Had some of the best road trips with my brother playing this. Playing Around in Ninja Town (Level 30 and above). World Tour Quest. Item(s) Needed: Genin Doll x NPC(s) Involved: Shururu. Procedures: Talk to Shururu​. It's bright and cute and full of silly LOL NINJAS jokes about ninja your strategy play out, you're running around upgrading or building dojos or. Ninjatown is similar to any small town or village, with corner stores, parks, cafes, they prefer to be left alone so they can go about their daily ninja activities like herding Gorts, while Yeti Ninja hides away playing with his pal Rawr, scaring. - if you are looking

playing around in ninja town

Use playing around in ninja town

and enjoy

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